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Buxmont Senior Services Network is a personal referral system that will put you directly in touch with trustworthy, competent and local professionals that can provide each and every service that you need. Most services are offered right in the comfort of your own home.

Welcome to Buxmont Senior Services Network

As the number of seniors increase exponentially in our area, the level of personal attention and real direction from the industry decreases. What used to be a phone call to your hospital social worker for a personal recommendation has now become a randomly generated list from the computer sent to your mailbox. At a time when you or a loved one are facing a turning point in the level of care needed or a crisis situation you are left to fill in all the blanks and put all the puzzle pieces together yourself. There is an undue burden placed on yourself or your loved ones to address all the financial, physical, and emotional needs without any direction. You find yourself in a vulnerable situation and everyone you talk to is a stranger. This is neither beneficial nor productive for your family’s needs during this time.

BuxMont Senior Services Network has been designed with you in mind. We are a niche networking group consisting of a dynamic collection of local businesses who primarily serve the senior and disabled adult population. Our goal is to provide you and your family with a convenient and comprehensive resource for obtaining any professional and personal service you require. A trusted professional within our network will be referred for each different service. All individuals in our network will be competent, honest, and dependable, and they will have the capability to provide their services in your home.

Our network will answer your questions, put you in contact with the right people, and give you the direction you need. Your situation is unique to you, and your needs can be entirely overwhelming when they come all at once. Your time is critical and your family needs your attention. Our fingers have already done the walking. Put the yellow pages down and call the Buxmont Senior Services Network today.

Buxmont Senior Services Network will connect seniors to a network that will make searching for service providers so much easier. About Us »

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